I Have CD of Spring Summer

Horaayy, ive got cd of spring summer. Lucky me ! 😀 Hmmm, Spring Summer is the band from bandung that has existed since 2007, but the first album is release in Januari, 2011. And the picture in above is a cover album from the band.

Okai, its a little history from the band. So, why me buy the original cd ? Its because the vocalist on the band is my best friend. Haaha. 😀 So, i have to support my friend with buy the original cd. 😀 And if you want to buy cd spring summer, you can found or buy at 347 (that’s the place i buy the cd) or u can found more in all music store in bandung.

So excited when i heared Spring Summer is release the 1st album. So proud see my friend can make something that always be his dream. Hope its not the first album and last album, but they have to survive and dont forget keep down to earth. 😀

Okai, thats enough im writing and now i want listen a song from Spring Summer, Tonight. Enjoy !

Keep Spirit. And Im waiting for second album. 😀

God Bless You All. 😀

And Always Succes Brader ! 😀


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