April ? Surprise !

A lot of thing has done, lot of people in and out, lot of cars emit carbon to atmosphere, lot of mind has out to the world. What the ? hmmm, dont know bout what i feel. SOAB !

I realize, when i ask somthing to the world. World has given an answer to me “heey you stupid boy, dont u realize what has happened ?” hmmm, go to the blog !

Sometimes i think, assertiveness and patience is like a knife, if you cant wear it properly. That would be detrimental to yourself. Yeaaah, what do u think ?

And then, what should i  do now ? Really, i dont understand what happen now. Asking answer to a lot of people but i didnt found what i want. This simple problem. but u’re wrong. its not simple. I wanna the best answer. Hmmm, i think only God who know what i want what i feel and what my last destiny.

Huuuh, Fook Off ! I hate this situation, really im not enjoy for this in all day.

Hope, i’ll found the best solution. God with me. 😀


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