Natural Beauty of Indonesia, Made In Djarum

A few days ago, i’ve watched advertising who producted by Djarum Super. Just one word to describe, Awesome ! 😀 And If u never or watched yet before, now i’d like to show you. Ok, enjoy this one ! 😀

Hmmm, and now what ur opinion about that ? I think you will aggre with my opinion before, isn’t it ? 😀 But in here, please don’t look “who created the advertising”, yaa although actually who create the advertising is Tobaco Company, not my goverment. 😀 And in here, i do not mean to promote to you about they product. I swear ! hehee

Let me explain. In days 2, they are in Sumatera. Sumatera is One of the Island in Indonesia who situated in west Indonesia. Then, they go to to Way Kambas. Way Kambas is the place who situated in Sumatera Island, and there is in west of Indonesia. This place is famous with the National Park. Because Way Kambas is Conservation Centre for Elephants.Then, they go to Rinjani Mountain who situated in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Rinjani is the second highest volcano Mountain in Indonesia. And then to Papua Island, and this time they go to Raja Ampat. Hmmm, the place is one of my favorite place, cos at there u can dive and see the beutiful thing inside the sea. And i hope, one day i will dive in this place. 😀

Next they go to Kuta Beach in Bali. I think Bali is one of the best place in Indonesia, cos at there u can spend ur money whatever u want. And forget ur Job, ur homework, ur pressure, just enjoy ur Life ! hahaha. Then, Krakatau. Krakatau is active volcano mountain who dedicated between Sumatera and Java Island. Precisely in Sunda Strait. For ur information, Krakatau is one of the largest eruptions in the world and cause world climate to change and Tsunami. I think if the krakatau eruptions again, maybe Java Island will be a part of world history. hahaha. 😀 Thats it from the advertising, but its just a few beutiful place in Indonesia. Still much lovely place in indonesia, like Bunaken, Borobudur, Karimun Jawa, Komodo Island, and muuccchhhh mooreeeee. i think Indonesiaa one of the paradise in the world. I swear its true. 😀

Hmmm, after watched this advertising just one thing, i felt i increasingly love my Country, INDONESIA. 😀


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